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We will be brewing multiple styles of beer year round. Unfortunately, not all of them will find their way out into the world so be sure to check back here to know what's on tap.

Beers on tap this weekend are listed below. Be sure to visit our ››Find 'em‹‹ page to see who carries Iron Duke by you.



The Common (Kentucky Common Ale)

A unique take on a little known style of beer known as Kentucky Common. This is one of only two types of beer that are known to have originated in the US. Since beer was a more sanitary choice, Kentucky coal miners would drink this beer throughout the day rather than water. Brewed with a combination of Malted Barley, Malted Rye, and Flaked Maize this beer makes for a refreshing and light taste experience. ABV – 4.6%   IBU - 21

Iron Smith's PILS (Pilsner)

The 2nd in a seasonal series collaboration with Smith's Billiards, this full-bodied, aromatic pilsner, is clean & refreshing from start to finish.  ABV – 5.0%   IBU - 20

Wendy Peffercorn (White Rye)

This refreshing, hazy golden brew starts off with notes of citrus. A generous amount of rye malt brings a light earthy, spicy finish. Named after our favorite lifeguard (sorry Hoff), this white rye is the perfect beer for the summer months ahead. ABV – 5.2%   IBU - 19

Baby-Maker (Irish Porter)

Baby-Maker, while Irish at its roots, has influences from all over the beer spectrum. This medium to dark colored ale is slightly malty sweet with a delightful roasted finish. No parent admits they have a favorite child, but here at Iron Duke the Baby-Maker holds a special place in our hearts. ABV – 5.4%   IBU - 24


Sinker (Breakfast Stout)

Most early morning work days here at the brewery are accompanied by a heavy duty donut (or two) from our favorite local bakeries.  Without fail, they have provided us with a little motivation and a sugar pick me up to power through those tough jobs.  These extra large pastries have come to be known as sinkers here at the brewery.  Our Breakfast Stout is a hearty treat for any beer drinker.  It is brewed using traditional ingredients of an breakfast stout but with a little extra chocolatey goodness that makes it a beer to savor.  5.0% ABV  IBU- 29.2

Stud-Finder (Double IPA) 


While we used more tools during construction/deconstruction than we can count, some tools standout among the crowd. Stud-Finder is the second IPA offering in our Construction Series of IPA’s. This Double IPA packs a bigger, bolder Hop and Malt punch than its Dead Nuts counterpart.  We’re very excited to have experimented with Topaz, an Australian hop variety, to stand up alongside with our American variety favorites.  ABV – 7.7%   IBU - 87


Iron Smith's FLORAL STOUT (Stout)

This stout is the 1st in a seasonal series collaboration with Smith's Billiards. A variety of dark malts were used sparingly to keep the body of this beer light. Floral hops add a nice aromatic floral texture and a hint of Belgian yeast gives this stout a spicy, fruity character.  ABV – 6.0%   IBU - 23


Truss (Barley Lager)

Named after the beams that hold this old Mill building together, this robust barley lager is packed with bold flavors. Bittersweet malt combined with a copious amount of citrus hops gives this beer a surprisingly smooth taste. ABV – 8.2%   IBU - 80 

Foreman Special ONE (Belgian IPA) 

The first test batch in the Foreman Special series has a light melon start and a spicy, piney finish.  ABV – 5.9 IBU - 71

Juneau (Alaskan Spruce Tip Pale Ale)

The beer that almost didn't happen this year... In previous years we've picked local spruce tips, this year we found ourselves a few pounds short and asked our followers on social media for help.  Little did we know that a friend of ours in Alaska, a former resident of Ludlow, read our post and was all over it. Thank you again Mary!!! This golden pale ale has a taste like no other. A light piney sweetness gives way to a clean, berry finish. ABV– 5.0  IBU - 30

Dead Nuts (American IPA) 

Throughout construction, a phrase that you would inevitably hear shouted out here at Iron Duke was “Its Dead Nuts”. This was usually in reference to something that was installed perfectly level or dead on its target. Dead Nuts, the beer, is a perfectly balanced American IPA that finds the sweet spot of Malt and Hop balance.  The spiciness of Rye shows up again and is amplified by the use of American hops such as Chinook and Falconers Flight to name just a couple. ABV – 5.6%   IBU - 66


Putts Bridge (American Brown Ale) 

In the early 1900's, when the clock tower bell rung, the employees that lived on the Indian Orchard side of the Chicopee River would walk across the Putts Bridge to come put in a hard day’s work. This American Brown Ale is malty sweet and rich, has moderate hops with a dark ruby coloring. ABV – 6.7%   IBU - 33



Shoes for Louie (English Strong Ale) - Back later this year 


Harvest Ale (Harvest IPA) - Back this Fall


Wildcard (Black Lager) 


Stockhouse 122 (Hoppy Pale Ale) 



Rusty Horseshoe (Saison)