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We will be brewing multiple styles of beer year round. Unfortunately, not all of them will find their way out into the world so be sure to check back here to know what's on tap.

Beers on tap at the brewery this weekend are listed below.
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The Common (Kentucky Common Ale)

A unique take on a little known style of beer known as Kentucky Common. This is one of only two types of beer that are known to have originated in the US. Since beer was a more sanitary choice, Kentucky coal miners would drink this beer throughout the day rather than water. Brewed with a combination of Malted Barley, Malted Rye, and Flaked Maize this beer makes for a refreshing and light taste experience. ABV – 4.6%   IBU - 21 

Bad Hombres (Mexican Lager)

This lager is perfect for the change of the season (and political climate). The malt takes center stage on this brew and the Mexican yeast adds a dry, crisp finish. While this beer won't solve all of our differences, it's light and refreshing enough for everyone to enjoy.   ABV – 4.2%   IBU - 10

Baby-Maker (Irish Porter)

Baby-Maker, while Irish at its roots, has influences from all over the beer spectrum. This medium to dark colored ale is slightly malty sweet with a delightful roasted finish. No parent admits they have a favorite child, but here at Iron Duke the Baby-Maker holds a special place in our hearts. ABV – 5.4%   IBU - 24

Rusty Horseshoe (Saison)

The Rusty Horseshoe is named in honor of our family’s farm which is home to a fledgling crop of hops. A Saison is originally a Belgian style ale that was traditionally brewed during the cool spring season and was hearty enough to last through the hot months of summer but still light bodied and refreshing to quench the thirst of all those who worked around the farm.   ABV – 6.0%   IBU - 25

Rock Solid (Chocolate Stout) -- NITRO

The roasty flavor and medium body make Rock Solid a smooth treat for all beer drinkers. Subtle hop bitterness rounds out the character of roasted barley and chocolate malt. a little extra velvety, chocolate goodness stays on the pallet sip after sip. ABV – 5.3%   IBU - 33

Nothing Personal (Hoppy Pale Ale) --- NEW 4/21

This sessionable Hoppy Pale is brewed with a generous amount of Summit, Equinox & Grapefruit hops.  ABV – 5.5%   IBU - 48

4 A.M. (New England IPA) 

Ever wonder what goes on in the 4a.m. hour, when it is not yesterday and tomorrow hasn't begun?  At Iron Duke this is the time we spend dreaming up our best ideas.  This rarely experienced hour of 4a.m. has yielded us this wonderfully heavily hopped creation.  We brew this one to honor all of the people who work late nights and are early risers and everyone in between.  ABV – 6.9%   IBU - 84

Eviction Notice (Black IPA)

Making routine trips to the post office exciting again. This semi-dry Black IPA is a beautiful balance of citrusy-resinous American hops and chocolate malt. 20lbs of roasted pecans adds a little extra roasted goodness.  ***Contains Nuts***  ABV – 7.8%   IBU - 86

Stud-Finder (Double IPA)

While we used more tools during construction/deconstruction than we can count, some tools standout among the crowd. Stud-Finder is the second IPA offering in our Construction Series of IPA’s. This Double IPA packs a bigger, bolder Hop and Malt punch than its Dead Nuts counterpart.  We’re very excited to have experimented with Topaz, an Australian hop variety, to stand up alongside with our American variety favorites.  ABV – 7.7%   IBU - 87



Ask about our barrel-aged series (brewery only) -- LIMITED RELEASE





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Dead Nuts (Rye IPA) 

Throughout construction, a phrase that you would inevitably hear shouted out here at Iron Duke was “Its Dead Nuts”. This was usually in reference to something that was installed perfectly level or dead on its target. Dead Nuts, the beer, is a perfectly balanced American IPA that finds the sweet spot of Malt and Hop balance.  The spiciness of Rye shows up and is amplified by the use of American hops such as Chinook and Falconers Flight to name just a couple. ABV – 5.6%   IBU - 66 

Generosity (American Lager)

Generosity is Iron Duke’s way of saying thank you to the countless friends and family that have been so generous with their time. This American Lager has a bold malty sweetness with an oaky vanilla finish. ABV – 5.8%   IBU - 10



Foreman Special ONE (Belgian IPA)

Foreman Special 2 (Altbier)
Shoes for Louie (English Strong Ale)
Sinker (Breakfast Stout)
Juneau (Alaskan Spruce Ale)
Harvest Ale: 2015
Harvest Ale: 2016
Wendy Peffercorn (White Rye)
Herb (Raspberry Herbal Ale)
Honey Wheat (Kottbusser Ale)
Octoberfest (Fest bier)
Wild Card (Black Lager)
StockHouse 122 (Hoppy Pale)
Iron Smith's Pils (Pilsner)
I.S. (Belgian Stout)
Putts Bridge (American Brown)
Truss (Barley Lager) 
Dari-Cool (Coolship IPA) 
Breweries Use Water? (Black Lager)
Fifty-Two (Russian Imperial Stout): 1-Year Anniversary Beer
104 (Barleywine): 2-Year Anniversary Beer
Alternate Facts (Sour IPA)
2nd Running (2-Year Anniversary IPA)